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Why Lyric Control Panels Are Perfect for Rural Properties

November 21, 2018

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As the proud owner of a beautiful home out in the country, protecting that property and the loved ones within are probably pretty high up on your list of priorities. So, how do you go about improving security and safety in a rural home? Many turn to home security companies for help.

From DIY security to smart cameras, there is a wide variety of home security and automation systems out on the market right now. One in particular that we think does a very good job combining home security and home automation is Honeywell’s Lyric security system.

How is the Lyric well-suited for the rural homeowner?

Video Cameras

You Check Can Your Surroundings Without Having to Go Outside

Securing a Farm.jpgYou know the scenario all too well. You live at least half a mile away from your nearest neighbor. You hear the dogs barking. You want to know what’s going on, but you’d rather not go outside.

With cameras set up around the exterior of your house, you can see what’s going on without having to go outside. You can check the camera on the Lyric control panel. Or you can pull up the Lyric app on your phone or tablet and check there.

You Can Review Recorded Video Feed at Any Time

Maybe you’ve come home and noticed something is amiss or you just don’t feel “quite right.” You can access the day's recorded video feed and see if the cameras picked up an intruder or any sort of disturbance.

Motion Sensors Can Alert You to Intruders

Another variation on this theme is that the outdoor motion sensors pick up movement and give an alert through the control panel or on your Smartphone through the Lyric app panel. Right from the app, you can turn on the floodlights and the cameras to see what’s out there.

Indoor Motion Sensors and Lights are a Big Help, Too

Aside from the many joys of living out in the country, some homeowners choose to buy a home away from urban areas and the suburbs because you can get more home for your buck. What that means is a bigger home...sometimes a much bigger home. It’s a wonderful thought until you’re home alone and you hear a noise in another part of the house.

This is when you indoor motion sensors and lights can be quite handy. You can program the motion sensors to notify you when there’s movement in areas in the house that you may not be using.

You don’t even have to go to your Lyric control panel to check. Simply pull up the Lyric app on your mobile device to see what triggered the alert. Or you can access the cameras and see if there’s an intruder.

Smart Lights

You Can Program Your Lights to Turn On Before You Get Home

Living out in the country comes with a great deal of peace and quiet. However, that tranquility also means you could be coming home to a dark empty house all alone, which can be a bit unnerving, particularly at night.

Nothing is as welcoming as well-placed exterior floodlights and a few interior lights beckoning you home. Having a lit house also makes it look like someone's home.

You Can Schedule Your Lights to Turn Off After You Leave

By the same token, if you have to head out in the wee hours of the morning, you might not want to leave your house in complete darkness. With the Lyric, you can have a home automation system that turns off your lights at a scheduled time after you leave or when the sun is fully up.

Your Smart Lights Can be Integrated into Your Motion Sensors

You can set up your home security and automation system so that your lights and motion sensors work together. You can program your Lyric so that when the motion sensors pick up movement, the Lyric system turns on the lights as well, which leads us to our next point.

The Lights Can be Programmed to Turn on with the Cameras

You can also program your lights to turn on with the cameras, particularly when it’s dark. As soon as the camera starts, bright floodlights turn on as well.

Imagine this scenario: Motion sensors pick up movement; you know it’s not your pets because the sensors are designed to not “register” pets. As soon as the sensors pick up suspicious movement, bright floodlights turn on when the cameras do. Under the bright lights, the cameras record the video for future access.

Smart Locks

You Can Double Check Your Locks Away from Home

Is wondering if you locked the door one of your pet peeves? You’ve left your house, and after you’ve driven for miles, the question pops into your mind, “Did I lock the backdoor?” You don’t want to make that long drive back home nor do you want to bother neighbors to check the lock.

With the Lyric security and home automation system, you can check the app with a couple of swipes. Simply open the app to see the status of the locks. More often than not, you locked the house and just didn’t notice in your haste to leave. It’s in moments like these that you’re glad you didn’t drive all the way back.

However, maybe you see on the app that you did leave the lock unlocked, in which case Lyric has a solution.

You Can Lock or Unlock Your Doors When You’re Not at Home

Maybe you see that you did leave the front door unlocked? Not a problem. With a quick swipe of a button on your phone, voila! Your house is locked.

No extra effort on your part. No having to jump into the car, rush home and lock the door. No having to beg your neighbor to go by and lock the door. The saved effort and work alone makes installing smart locks integrated with a Lyric security system well worth the investment.

Your Lyric Control Panel Offers Quick Response Times to Emergencies

Fire on a Farm.jpgOne of the concerns of homeowners living in rural communities is the slow response time of police, fire personnel, EMTs, etc.

In such communities, any sort of emergency responders can be five, ten, or even fifteen minutes away.

Here are some interesting stats concerning fire:

  • It takes less than 30 seconds for a small flame to turn into a large fire.
  • It’s only a matter of minutes before that fire consumes the house or produces dense, suffocating black clouds.
  • You have only a few minutes to get out of the house before it’s too late.
  • Add to that the reality that it can take a very long time for fire trucks to get to a rural home.

You need a security system that doesn't wait on human response, but rather has an embedded system with a rapid response. The Lyric system is designed with technology to avoid false alarms yet provide rapid response time from authorities. Further, it's monitored 24/7 by an outside company, so emergency personnel with arrive whether you call them or not.

Smart Control Panels Can Help Enhance Security in a Rural Home

The latest home security control panels allow users to manage a wide range of home automation features. Let your smart home security system be your “eyes” and “ears” and give you a measure of comfort and sense of safety while living out in the country.

Contact Lynchburg Alarm to learn more about the Home Security Control Panels or to schedule an in-person demonstration. Or click the button below to learn more about our home security systems.

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