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What to Do with Your Home Security System When You Move

October 04, 2018

family feeling safe with security system sorted while movingWhether you’re planning a local move or going across state lines, you’ll typically have a lot on your plate during the process.

Yet another item to consider on your to-do list is what to do with your home security system. The possibilities you have when moving will depend largely on your situation.


Options For Your Home Security System In A Local Move

The vast majority of moves occur locally, and those tend to be simpler logistically when it comes to your security system.

There are a few options for what to do with your home security system when you move locally.


Relocate Your System

One option is to relocate the entire system, service, gadgets, and all.

The factors you’ll need to consider when relocating your security system is whether your current equipment, such as cameras, sensors, panels, etc., will be compatible with the wiring in your new home.

Relocating your entire system can be beneficial if you made a personal investment in that equipment. Just keep in mind that you’ll need to give your provider a heads-up before moving to make sure service is transferred over.


Take Over an Existing System

Another option is to take over whatever system exists in your new home. This may be done partially or completely.

For instance, if the previous owners were locked into a contract with their provider, you might have the option to take over their contract when you move in.

Alternatively, they might include just the equipment in your home without a service provider contract, in which case you may have the option to use their hardware with your current provider.

Your security service provider should take a look at the system to see if it’s compatible.


Upgrade Security Services

In many cases, a move could be a great opportunity to upgrade your current services.

Ask your provider if you can upgrade your equipment when you move. There may be promotional rates and other offers involved as well, so it often pays to talk to your provider.


Start Over

There may be situations where it’s most beneficial to start over completely.

For instance, your new home may not have the needed wiring in place for your current system, in which case it may be time to use a different provider with a new, up-to-date system.


Options For Your Home Security System In A Long-Distance Move

For longer distance moves, it can get a little more complicated.

Many home security providers operate locally, which means a move out of state could put you outside their service range. Because of this, there are a number of factors to consider.


Switching Security Companies

Before you move, see whether your current service provider will be able to continue serving you. If not, it’s time to choose a new provider.

The good news here is you’re not left completely in the dark. Your current provider may have connections in your new area, and they can make recommendations on who can give you the best service.


Maintaining Your Current Provider

Of course, there may be a chance that you’ll still be within your current provider’s coverage area.

For instance, you might be moving to the other end of the state rather than across boundary lines. In that case, it’ll be fairly simple to transfer your services over to your new location.


Managing Equipment

Some providers won’t let you transport equipment from one place to another. They may have limitations on which items can go and which have to stay behind, so it’s important to discuss with them prior to making your move.

When relocating security equipment, it’s important to consider compatibility.

If, for example, your home doesn’t have the needed wiring, you may need to invest in new hardware.


Home Security System Contracts and Other Issues To Consider When Moving

One of the main factors to consider with respect to your security system is the nature of your current security company.

Some companies require you to keep a contract for a specific period of time, which they strictly enforce. It may be possible to make adjustments to the contract or transfer it over to a new customer, or you may simply need to pay it off to be done with it.

Another issue, naturally, is the quality of the security service providers involved. If you feel the need to switch companies, it’s important to assess the level of service they’ll provide you and whether they’ll be able to work with you to protect your home. If you need certain types of services or have specific security needs, you’ll want to make sure your new provider can deliver.


Deciding What To Do With Your Home Security System When You Move

If you’re staying with your current company, there may be costs associated with transferring a system to a new home.

Talk to your home security system provider to discuss what possibilities are available and which course of action would be best for you to take.

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