How Technology Is Increasing School Security & Safety

Children today face a multitude of dangers at school. From school shootings, inappropriate relationships, to cyberbullying, and sexting, the growing list of dangers seems to be getting worse every year, but we have good news.

Although technology is at the heart of some of these dangers, there are many technological advancements geared towards increasing school security and keeping students safe.

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Does Home Automation Improve Home Security?

You might wonder, what home automation and home security have in common and why so many alarm companies sell ‘smart home’ features alongside traditional home security systems. For starters, your security systems knows you best. It knows your habits and when you are home or away. This makes your security system a great hub for connecting automation devices. Automation decisions and scenes can integrate seamlessly with your life.

All this makes for a safe, smart, connected home.

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Commercial Access Control Systems vs. Traditional Keys

There are a few different kinds of access control systems, but keycards and digital keypads are the most common. Access control is primarily used to restrict entry to a building or to restrict access to certain areas within a building.

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Can Another Company Monitor My ADT Alarm System?

Probably one of the top questions security companies get is whether or not they can monitor an existing ADT alarm system or take over existing ADT alarm equipment, such as the alarm panel, window and other sensors, fire alarms, cameras, CO2 detectors, etc., as well as have the same control over and other IoT devices originally connected to the ADT system.

The answer is probably yes, although there are some situations or instances where this may not be true, such as if you signed up during a...

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Hotel & Hospitality Security Systems

In this day and age, hotels have to take extra precautions to ensure the safety of guests and staff. While hotels in particularly dangerous areas of town might opt for an on premise security guard, others may be able to provide adequate safety measures with monitored security cameras, intelligent video, and access control cards.

Limiting uncontrolled entryways to one main entrance near the front desk is how most hotels prevent non-guests from entering the building.

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Leveraging Intelligent Video to Secure and Improve Your Business

The incredible leap in video surveillance technology, or cameras, that has gone on over the past few years is transforming security as we know it today. When combined with the right security, fire and access control system, intelligent video systems can provide a solution that is not only customizable and scalable, but can also lower false alarms, help prevent crime and improve a business owner’s operations and overall bottom line.

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10 Security Tips For Virginia Beach Vacation Homes

Owning a vacation property comes with certain stresses and risks. In our Norfolk, Virginia Beach, and Hampton regions, many of the beach and river homes stay empty all winter. Storms, burglary, fire, water damage, and even squatters pose threats.

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Important Emergency Numbers for Virginia Beach

In an emergency, dial 9-1-1. To contact the United States Coast Guard in a maritime emergency, use VHF-FM Channel 16 (156.8 MHz). A good rule of thumb for knowing when to call 9-1-1 or the Coast Guard is to consider if someone’s life is in danger. If the answer is yes or you aren’t entirely sure, let the 9-1-1 operator decide what to do next. They may tell you to hang up and call a non-emergency number, which is better than risking the alternative.

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Minimizing False Alarms in Hampton Roads Virginia

False alarms can be a major hassle for homeowners, business owners, and emergency responders. Any number of things may cause a false alarm, but the important thing is that you take corrective measures to remedy the issue if it happens. Most municipalities forgive your first false alarm call, but don’t be surprised if you get charged increasing fines for subsequent calls. In this article, we’ll evaluate how municipalities in the Tidewater Region of Virginia deal with false alarms, summarize...

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Is Portsmouth Virginia A Safe Place To Live?

Just like most cities of this size, Portsmouth, Virginia has a mixture of safe neighborhoods and dangerous neighborhoods. Many that live in this area argue that this Portsmouth has a tightknit community, but to the rest of Virginia, Portsmouth has a long-standing reputation for high crime.

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