8 Signs Your Business Needs Access Control Security

Access Control is any electronic means of restricting access to an area or buildings. It could include outside gates, doors into a building or access to areas within a building. HR might need a restricted room for employee files, or the facilities team may want to limit access to a storage supply room.

Whatever access control needs your business has, it’s important to keep in mind that not every business, facility or organization needs an access control system.

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Cost of an Access Control System

If you’ve already taken the steps to determine your business has a need for access control, the next thing you'll want to consider is how much it will cost. Many business owners still think their company has to be humongous in order to afford an access control system, which was the case fifteen or twenty years ago. Fortunately, advances in technology have driven down the cost of equipment and software, making access control systems affordable for nearly any business with a brick and mortar...

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Traditional vs DIY vs Bundled Home Security

Homeowners have more options than ever when it comes to home security protection. From DIY to  smart home packages offered by cable companies to professionally installed security systems. Customers of all budgets, housing situations, and now even renters can find a security system that fits their needs and helps keep their family safer. It ultimately comes down to how much value you put on making sure your family is safe and secure. No two situations are exactly alike, that is why we at the...

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Can Another Company Monitor My ADT Alarm System?

Probably one of the top questions security companies get is whether or not they can monitor an existing ADT alarm system or take over existing ADT alarm equipment, such as the alarm panel, window and other sensors, fire alarms, cameras, CO2 detectors, etc., as well as have the same control over and other IoT devices originally connected to the ADT system.

The answer is probably yes, although there are some situations or instances where this may not be true, such as if you signed up during a...

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Hotel & Hospitality Security Systems

In this day and age, hotels have to take extra precautions to ensure the safety of guests and staff. While hotels in particularly dangerous areas of town might opt for an on premise security guard, others may be able to provide adequate safety measures with monitored security cameras, intelligent video, and access control cards.

Limiting uncontrolled entryways to one main entrance near the front desk is how most hotels prevent non-guests from entering the building.

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What is Intelligent Video for Commercial Businesses?

Intelligent video is the combination of surveillance video and analytical software. Companies like IBM, Bosch, and Honeywell have developed high-tech systems that help to increase security while decreasing the manpower needed to actually watch that video. Security guards need only set eyes on the screen when something suspicious arises. If you’re interested in enhancing security without decreasing operational efficiency, intelligent video just might be the perfect solution for your business,...

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What New Strategies Should Be Part of a Commercial Security Plan?

Whether you are updating an older system or starting from scratch, it is important to map out a commercial security plan prior to deciding on which security company to work with, as this will allow you to work through some important questions that any security professional will ask you as part of the analysis process.

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Minimizing False Alarms in Hampton Roads Virginia

False alarms can be a major hassle for homeowners, business owners, and emergency responders. Any number of things may cause a false alarm, but the important thing is that you take corrective measures to remedy the issue if it happens. Most municipalities forgive your first false alarm call, but don’t be surprised if you get charged increasing fines for subsequent calls. In this article, we’ll evaluate how municipalities in the Tidewater Region of Virginia deal with false alarms, summarize...

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Three Commercial Security Megatrends That Can Transform Your Business

The technological innovation that is transforming the residential side of security is providing opportunities on the commercial side as well, and business owners today can leverage this new security technology to not only help prevent crime and reduce shrink (losses) but also improve their overall business and bottom line.

The same type of security solutions and conveniences we are seeing in the home can now be leveraged by business owners to provide more than just security, including...

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Why Commercial Facilities Need a Master Security Plan

Every business, charity, public entity and government organization needs to put together a Master Security Plan in writing.

The Best Commercial Security Plans:

  1. Identify potential threats
  2. Summarize what steps have been taken to mitigate those risks
  3. List what steps still need to be implemented
  4. Provide detailed emergency instructions to employees of the organization
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