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Smart Home Features that help with Back to School Parenting

September 18, 2018

Back to School-1.jpgIt isn't easy to juggle the responsibilities of a busy household and extracurricular activities, especially if you're a working parent. Don't you wish you could clone yourself - creating one copy to handle the work responsibilities while the other version can lovingly manage the home front?

You'll be happy to know the remarkable innovations available from today's smart home features allow your solo version self to be in two places at the same time.

A Few Must Have Smart Home Features for Parents:

  • Sky Bell Doorbells
  • Smart Locks
  • Smart Lights
  • Geo-Fencing
  • Home Cameras

Smart home features help parents know exactly where their kids are, whether or not they're doing their homework, who they're spending time with (and where), and you'll finally know who really ate the rest of that prized pint of ice cream.

Smart Home Features for Back-to-School Parenting

When children leave school for an empty home, parents are left trusting their kids have arrived safe and sound, are adhering to the household's rules and expectations about guests (no guests), TV (no TV), etc., that they're eating a healthy snack, completing their homework, and on and on the worrying goes...

With the integration of Honeywell Total Connect and a range of tailored smart home security features, you'll have the answers to all of the above questions and more.

Let's take a look at some of the most pressing concerns busy parents have about their children's - and their home's - well-being when it comes to back-to-school and home-alone lifestyles.

Smart Locks Mean You Can Kiss the Kids' Keys Goodbye

Smart Locks-1.jpgEver met a kid who hasn't lost or misplaced their house key? We haven't either. It's a common tale. The first concern is a child who's locked out of the house, the secondary concern is, "where has that key gone? Who might have access to the house now? And, does this mean we need to re-key our home?"

With Smart Locks - offered by the most respected lock manufacturers such as Schlage, August, and Yale - children aren't burdened by the responsibility of carrying and keeping track of a key. They can simply open the door with a click from their smartphone.

Another bonus: You can set up a special alert that lets you know what time they arrived home, avoiding the worry caused when a child gets distracted and forgets to check in once they're home.

Use Skybell Video Doorbell to Monitor Visitors

SkyBell_Smart_Doorbell_System.jpgTelling your kids not to let others in the home when you're not there is one thing, expecting them to uphold that rule is another. Even the most responsible of children has a hard time saying no to their peer group, and they certainly have a difficult time saying no to adults.

With Skybell Video Doorbell, the pressure is taken off the kids, and you get to be the one who screens visitors. When the doorbell rings, you'll receive an alert on your phone, computer or gadget of choice. At that point, the audio/video system kicks in and you'll have an immediate site-line and audio connection with the visitor. Whether it's a friend wanting to play, a delivery person with a package, or a complete stranger - you have control over who enters your home - or not.

Even without the doorbell, you can set the Skybell Video system up to turn on anytime motion is detected at the front door, allowing you to monitor everyone that comes to the front door.

Smart Lights Help Improve Safety for Children Coming Home to an Empty House

Smart Home Apps for Managing a Household.jpg

Once daylight savings hits, Richmond, Virginia gets darker much earlier. It's never fun to come home to a dark house, and it's particularly scary for younger children. For this reason, Smart Lighting can help create a safer environment for children coming home alone. You can set house lights up on a timer system, or operate them remotely via your smartphone.

In either case, indoor and outdoor lights can be turned on or off - ensuring your home offers a warm welcome to children and their friends, even when you're not there. Also, turning on all the light help give the impression that your home is occupied (even when it's not), which may help to deter undesirables.

Geo-Fencing Empowers Kids and Keeps Parents in the Know

Geo-Fencing Smart Home App for Teenagers.jpgHave you heard of Geo-Fencing apps? Installed on your child's phone, these apps help you keep track of where your child is at any given moment. We all know kids don't go anywhere without their phones, which makes this a smart way to remain alert to children's activities, without too much prying for information on your part.

There are all kinds of ways to use the app:

  • Verify children are where they say they are when they say they're going to be at a particular place.
  • Alert both child and parent when the child has gone beyond their allowed radius from your home (you can set mileage parameters on the app).
  • Determine when/if your child may require a phone or chat reminder to head home, stop by the store on their way back, etc.

The simple awareness of knowing where your child is can be a great way to inspire kids to be prove their trustworthiness. Plus, it gives them an "out" if peers pressure them to do something they shouldn't, "Sorry guys, my parents will know where I am so I can't go..."

Smart Video Features Are an Affordable Nanny

CCTV Security Cameras for the Home.jpgIn a perfect world, a loving nanny would be on-hand when the kids returned from school, ensuring they eat a healthy snack, complete their homework, keep up with their chores, behave responsibly, and so on. In the real world, we offer you the next best thing - Smart Video Features.

With a mobile Smart Home Video app, you can activate any camera in the house - indoors or out - to keep an eye on the kids. Just knowing this feature is available will tame children's behaviors considerably.

It also allows teenagers to gain some added freedom, because home cameras allow teens and young adults to stay at home alone when the family is out of town for a day or two - with the knowledge that parties, an overflow of guests and/or the wrong choice of guests will be duly noted and attended to by their parents.

Smart Home Features Make Better, Safer Families

Today's innovative security features do more than prevent burglaries - they allow you to be better parents and/or guardians. They also empower your children to be more independent and to make better decisions about how, where, and with whom they spend their time.

Contact Richmond Alarm Company to learn more about smart home features that make back-to-school, or a busy work life, a less stressful situation. We'll tailor our services to fit your home's occupancy, preferences and lifestyle. We provide peace of mind so you and your children feel safe and secure, 24/7.

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