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Can SkyBell Help Prevent Package Theft?

June 01, 2017

SkyBell_Smart_Doorbell_System.jpgEver had a package stolen from your front porch? How do you feel about strangers ringing your doorbell? The SkyBell Video Doorbell is an incredible new piece of smart home technology that Richmond Alarm has added to its offerings.

Equipped with a night vision HD Camera, motion sensor, video recording, smartphone alert options, and two-way communication, this little device is the best way to upgrade a regular doorbell into a ‘intelligent’ doorbell.

In this article, we’ll provide a brief overview of this smart home product and explain how SkyBell can become an important piece of your overall home security, but first, check out this brief video to learn more:



How Much Does SkyBell Cost?

You can purchase SkyBell through Richmond Alarm Company for only $295, which includes professional installation. This is an incredible value, considering all the features that are included. Purchasing an intercom system, HD Camera, and a motion sensor separately would set you back quite a few bucks. Having all these devices wrapped into one, tiny and cost efficient device is a great deal for the price!

SkyBell Integrates with Other Smart Home Devices

The SkyBell doorbell integrates with Honeywell Total Connect, Alarm.com, Monitronics, Amazon Echo, Nest, Samsung SmartThings, NorthStar Home, Stringly, Comcast Xfinity, Kwikset, iControl, Reliant, and IFTTT.

Say a trusted friend rings your doorbell while you’re not home. You’ll get an alert to your smartphone. If your home is integrated with other smart home features like ‘smart’ locks, you’ll be able to let them in the front door, disarm your alarm system, and lock up behind them when they leave. All with a few clicks on a smartphone.

SkyBell-TrimPlus-Blog.jpg‘Porch Pirates’ Are Rife with Anticipation for the Christmas Season

The gift-giving season is almost upon us. Some argue nearly half of all Christmas gifts bought in the U.S. are purchased online, which means shipping and package drop offs. Most people aren’t able to be home when packages arrive in the middle of the day. So these packages sit on the front porch unattended, sometimes all day long.

Last year, Richmond experienced an epidemic of package thefts from Chesterfield to the Fan District to Church Hill. For every ‘Porch Pirate’ caught on film, many got away with the crime scot-free.

How Can SkyBell Prevent Porch Piracy?

Those armed with SkyBell get an alert the moment someone steps foot on their front porch. Users can then engage the potential criminal in conversation with a comment like, “how may I help you?” Hopefully this will be enough to discourage criminal activity. But, if that doesn’t work, you’ll at least have a video of the perpetrator that can be handed over to police.

Purchase SkyBell Through Richmond Alarm Today

SkyBell is a great system for mitigating package theft, discouraging criminals, and helping occupants better assess visitors at their front door. You put your family at risk anytime you open the door to a stranger. Contact us to learn more about SkyBell and other smart home security features.

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