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Does Home Automation Improve Home Security?

June 26, 2018

Can You Control Your Home With the Press of a Button Yet?You might wonder, what home automation and home security have in common and why so many alarm companies sell ‘smart home’ features alongside traditional home security systems. For starters, your security systems knows you best. It knows your habits and when you are home or away. This makes your security system a great hub for connecting automation devices. Automation decisions and scenes can integrate seamlessly with your life.

All this makes for a safe, smart, connected home.

How Much Does Home Automation Cost?

The ability to add home automation is one of the most revolutionary features to hit the security market in decades, and it is surprisingly affordable for the average American family. Most systems are flexible and features can be added as they are needed. This means that you can expand your smart home over time as you become more adventurous and new automation devices become available. Most companies charge a monthly cost fee to turn on these features that usually hovers around $10-$20. Many of the benefits go hand in hand with home security, so it is only natural for security companies to get on board with providing these added safety/security features.

What Is Home Automation?

Home automation includes the features people typically associate with 'smart homes'. Automating various elements of a home usually includes the lights, the locks, thermostat, garage doors and other electronic appliances. The home’s control panel is the central hub for these connections, giving family members the ability to control all of these devices with their smartphone, whether at home or across the globe.

iPhone6P_TC3_PushNotifications_Groupings_lo.jpgHow Does Home Automation Impact Security?

Being able to control all electronic systems remotely is beneficial, but triggering automation sequences based on the status of your security system is what really makes a home more secure. How many times have your kids (or husband) left the garage door open or left on a dangerous appliance like the oven? You can set up an action or alert that warns you about the issue and can then close the door or turn off the appliance for you. Other safety benefits include being able to turn indoor and outdoor lights on before you arrive home to an empty house, as well as the ability to unlock your door without having to fumble for a key. Sometimes it’s the little things that end up making a difference.

Apple-iPhone-Video-Doorbell-SkyBell_hiWhen video systems or video doorbells (like Honeywell's HD Video Doorbell SkyBell) are incorporated into home automation, homeowners get an array of other added benefits. Benefits like getting a snapshot of every person that walks through your front door, being able to answer the door from anywhere at anytime, or the ability to limit false alarms and check in on kids or young teens.

Is Home Automation Applicable to Vacation Homes?

When it comes to owning a vacation home, there is nothing worse than having to wonder about the state of your property. When you let friends or other family members use the home, you are forced to guess how they left the house. Home automation lets you check in on your home, double check that the doors are locked, garage door is closed and that the security system is armed, so nothing is left to chance.

Can Home Automation Reduce Energy Costs?

Between automatic lights, various alerts and remote temperature control, it is definitely possible to save energy using a home automation system. During the summer you can turn off the air conditioning system at a vacation home while the house is empty, but then hit a button or use geofencing to bring the home to an appropriate temperature prior to your arrival.

If you have an existing alarm system or are considering a new home alarm system, we highly recommend adding home automation features to take your home’s security to the next level. 

Contact us if you have any questions about home automation or would like an estimate for adding home automation to an existing alarm system.

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