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October 23, 2014

Sun_Setting_on_Lynchburg_VirginiaBeing headquartered in the City of Lynchburg, Virginia, allows Lynchburg Alarm Company to serve customers across the Blue Ridge region. Lynchburg Alarm is owned by its parent company, Richmond Alarm. The company was founded by Samuel Boggs in 1947 and is now owned and operated by his two sons, Wayne and Jimmy Boggs, who took over the business in 1982. The Boggs brothers have grown the company to serve families and businesses across Virginia, while staying at the forefront of technological advances in the security industry.

Founding of Lynchburg Alarm

Wayne and Jimmy began full time work with their father in 1972, but have been helping in the business since childhood. In the beginning, the company focused primarily on mom and pop grocery stores and small business. The company exclusively served commercial clients until 1980. Clients kept asking for electronic protection in their homes, so Jimmy and Wayne opened the residential division of the company.

Lynchburg VirginiaAs the oldest and largest locally owned provider of electronic security services in Virginia, the company designs, installs, monitors and services comprehensive security systems for homes and businesses, providing the first line of protection against fire, burglary and theft. Our Lynchburg team lives and operates right here in Lynchburg and maintains strong ties to area businesses and law enforcement. We are a local security company and operate very differently than the national alarm chains. We hear horror stories every day about the way these huge companies treat their customers. We make it a point to treat all our customers like family and design systems based on your unique needs.

The Lynchburg team works closely with headquarters in Richmond, but tailors operations to the needs of commercial and residential clients in the beautiful Blue Ridge region of Virginia. Lynchburg Alarm is licensed with the VA Department of Criminal Justice Services and all of our sales specialists and service technicians have received extensive background checks that include fingerprinting and are all registered and certified to work in the electronic security industry. Lynchburg Alarm is the best alarm company in Lynchburg, because we care about the safety of your family and our city as much as you do.

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Learn More About Lynchburg Alarm

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