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September 05, 2014

Videofied is a comprehensive video alarm system that sends short video clips directly to a central monitoring station when an alarm or motion sensor is triggered. With Videofied, your small business or residential home can incorporate video monitoring into their home security without hiring a team to watch live feed.

Rather than relying on video to identify criminals after a robbery, Videofied systems help catch burglars in the act, while eliminating costly false alarms. A security system that includes Videofied can include silent alarms that won’t alert criminals to the fact that law enforcement officers are on the way.

Where Should I Use Videofied?

Outdoor locations, remote locations, or any location that doesn't have a live person on site to investigate potential threats. Storage warehouses, cell towers, and car lots are prime candidates for a Videofied alarm system, but residential homes and businesses that close down at night can benefit from this kind of monitoring as well.

Already have a security system? Videofied can be tied into an existing security system as an upgrade or can be installed as a standalone.

Catch’Em in the Act

Catching a criminal in the act means your valuables stay put, you eliminate insurance headaches, and criminals don’t put you on their short list of easy targets.

Only about 20% of all stolen valuables are ever recovered, according to FBI statistics. Below is a brief video about how Videofied is helping catch criminals in the act:


According to the FBI, a home is burglarized every 13 seconds in the U.S. Although only 17% of U.S. homes have security systems, these homes are 300% less likely to get robbed, so installing a security system can a great burglar deterrent. If you have an existing security system, or are thinking about installing a new system, consider adding Videofied.

Richmond Alarm is the best alarm company in Richmond, because we care about the safety of your family, your business and our city as much as you do. Follow us on Facebook for more safety tips and security advice.

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