What New Strategies Should Be Part of a Commercial Security Plan?

Whether you are updating an older system or starting from scratch, it is important to map out a commercial security plan prior to deciding on which security company to work with, as this will allow you to work through some important questions that any security professional will ask you as part of the analysis process.

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18 Fun Things To Do In Lynchburg, VA

Looking for some fun things to do in Central Virginia?

If you live in the area and are looking for adventure - we suggest checking out Lynchburg, VA!

In this article, we'll do our best to highlight a few of the fun things our town has to offer.

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Passing a Commercial Fire Marshal Inspection in Virginia

If you’re building or renovating commercial property in Virginia, passing a fire safety inspection from your local or state fire marshal is a requirement.

Navigating the complicated waters of Virginia fire safety regulations and fire codes isn’t straightforward or easy. Failing to pass an inspection leads to delays and added costs.

Contrary to what many commercial contractors have experienced in the past, it is actually possible to pass a fire inspection on the first attempt!

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Top Security Features for Hospitals

Many hospitals today, both large and small, are leveraging advances in both video surveillance and access control technology to better secure their facilities and campuses, better manage employees, security guards and guests, create operational efficiencies and improve the way they are able to investigate incidents on hospital properties.

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Solutions for Securing a Rural Property or Farm

While providing security for rural homes and farms—especially homes without a landline or remote locations on the property without electricity or Internet—was certainly a challenge in the past, advances in technology are making it possible today to bring security and video surveillance to anywhere where you may live, as well as to any remote area on your property or farm.

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How Smart Tech Devices Are Making College Campuses Safer

Like its eastern counterpart, the western half of Virginia is lucky to have such a wide array of outstanding colleges and universities. Whether you’re a school administrator, the head of a fraternal or sororal organization, a teacher, parent, or student, safety on and around campus is bound to cross your mind from time to time.

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Leveraging Intelligent Video to Secure and Improve Your Business

The incredible leap in video surveillance technology, or cameras, that has gone on over the past few years is transforming security as we know it today. When combined with the right security, fire and access control system, intelligent video systems can provide a solution that is not only customizable and scalable, but can also lower false alarms, help prevent crime and improve a business owner’s operations and overall bottom line.

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10 Home Security Tips for Rural Homeowners

With the smart home revolution that has gone on over the past few years, many homeowners are not fully aware of some of the cool new security and video surveillance technology that is available today, making securing your home, property and assets—including critically important areas on rural properties and farms—a reality.

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10 Security Tips For Virginia Beach Vacation Homes

Owning a vacation property comes with certain stresses and risks. In our Norfolk, Virginia Beach, and Hampton regions, many of the beach and river homes stay empty all winter. Storms, burglary, fire, water damage, and even squatters pose threats.

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6 Ways Smart Technology Is Useful on Farms

You don’t have to have an internet connection to install ‘Smart Home’ tech gadgets in your home, farm, or rural property. If an internet connection isn’t available, Smart Home features can be channeled through a cellular device installed in your alarm control panel. Smart Home tech isn’t just for city slickers. There are actually a lot of smart home features that that can come in handy around the farm or out on rural homesteads.
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