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6 Ways Smart Technology Is Useful on Farms

May 23, 2016
sussex-farm-1216611.jpgYou don’t have to have an internet connection to install ‘Smart Home’ tech gadgets in your home, farm, or rural property. If an internet connection isn’t available, Smart Home features can be channeled through a cellular device installed in your alarm control panel. Smart Home tech isn’t just for city slickers. There are actually a lot of smart home features that that can come in handy around the farm or out on rural homesteads.


What is Smart Home Technology and How Does It Work?

A ‘Smart Home’ is a residence with appliances, lighting, security, heating, air conditioning, entertainment systems, and camera systems connected to a central device in the home that can communicate with the outside world. Alarm.com and Honeywell Total Connect are two of the smart home platforms our customers prefer.

Smart Home Technology is the ability to control features in your home through a smart phone.

Imagine being able to turn on the lights inside and outside of your home as you come down the driveway. If you’re on a business trip and want to check in on the house, a smart home cameras allows you to pull up a live feed right through your phone or check on the barn and animals while you’re away.

alerts.pngSmart home systems allow users to set up alerts and various system triggers that send a message, image, or short video clip to your phone or email when specific actions occur. It could be something serious like a motion sensor going off, or something simple like Billy arrived home from school.


Can Smart Home Features Be Useful on the Farm?

If you at least have a 3G cell signal or internet connection on your farm, it’s possible to set up smart home features. Our customers in rural Virginia find these features immeasurably useful around the farm and on their rural properties.

Here are 6 Ways Smart Tech Is Helping Farmers:

Control Features in Your Barn Smart Barn is a company that was started by two engineers that grew up on a farm. They’ve developed a series of solutions for commercial farmers that allow them to monitor food, water, power, fresh air, temperatures, and safety. From grain farmers to livestock farmers, this intelligent farm management tool allows you to keep better tabs on what’s happening on your farm at all times, and alerts help you stay on top of any problems as they happen in real time.

Smart Greenhouses and Nurseries:  Specialty crop farms have to give their plants just as much attention as livestock farmers. The next phase of ‘Smart’ tools on the farm will help farmers tend to their crops. One organization is in the process of developing sensors designed to help manage and monitor irrigation and nutrient levels.


Light the Way Home:  If you’ve ever come home to a dark farmhouse, you know how uneasy it can feel. Motion sensor lights around the house can help, but wouldn’t it be nice to be able to light up the entire inside as well as the outside of the house? Aside from the warm welcome of a familiar pup, coming home to a well-lit farmhouse will be a comforting sight you’ll soon come to appreciate.

Be the Watchful Neighbor You’ve Never Had:  In urban areas, one of the greatest defenses against unwanted trespassers is an inquisitive neighbor. When you don’t live within eye-shot (and sometimes earshot) of anyone else, trespassers or thieves can approach unchallenged. Smart home cameras allow you to check in on your property, and you can connect cameras to motion sensors that send you an alert when uninvited guests arrive.

Keep an Eye on the Animals:  Wondering what’s been getting to your chickens? Have a valuable steer or horse that you don’t want to lose? Maybe the barn isn’t in eyesight of the house, and you just want to be able to keep a closer eye on how all the animals are doing. Smart home cameras can be powered with small solar panels if you don’t have nearby access to electricity and allow you to keep an eye on what’s happening all over the property without having to make the rounds.

Save a Little Money:  Many insurance companies offer discounts for installing systems designed to thwart fire and theft, and now many are offering discounts for installing smart home devices. Contact your insurance agent to find out if such a discount would be applicable for you.


Here’s a Quick Look at Smart Technology Solutions that Are Available for Farmers:


Make Your Farm or Rural Home a ‘Smart Farm’

farm-garden-4-1398440-300x225.jpgLiving on a farm or rural piece of property can leave you feeling a bit vulnerable at times, especially if your spouse is out of town for a few days. You never know who’s coming down the driveway or what awaits you when you come home. Smart Home technology can help remove a bit of the guess work and put you in better control of what’s happening on your own property. Contact Lynchburg Alarm to learn more about smart home technology or to discuss how to incorporate these types of features into your farm or rural homestead. 


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