Are Private Schools Statistically Safer than Public Schools?

There’s a great deal of debate when it comes to the comparison of private schools and public K-12 schools. Many families have concerns about safety at public schools - and some have bad reputations that justify those concerns.

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18 Fun Things To Do In Lynchburg, VA

Looking for some fun things to do in Central Virginia?

If you live in the area and are looking for adventure - we suggest checking out Lynchburg, VA!

In this article, we'll do our best to highlight a few of the fun things our town has to offer.

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Advances in School Security Technology

Children today face with a multitude of dangers at school. From school shootings, inappropriate relationships, to cyber-bullying, and sexting, the growing list of dangers seems to be getting worse every year, but we have good news.

Although technology is at the heart of some of these dangers, there are lots of inventions and technologies geared to helping keep students safer!

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How Often Should I Replace Alarm System Batteries?

The first question to ask is, does your home security system even have batteries? Some alarm systems run off battery power and some run off AC power through a wire in the wall.

However, most modern security systems use some combination of hardwire electricity and batteries. Here are a few common alarm setup scenerios :

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Review of Home Security Systems

Your home security system is only as strong as its weakest link, and that weak link could be the system components themselves,  weaknesses in the quality of the professional monitoring, or in how the system was originally installed.

If it's time to upgrade or replace your home alarm system, take the time to review the array of top security systems before making a final decision.

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How to Protect a beach house with wireless home security

Every vacation beach homeowner loves their home away from home. It’s the place where you go to relax and leave your troubles behind. The last thing people want is to be worring about the security of that beach house.

Wouldn't it be nice, whether you’re there or not, to know that your vacation home is safe and sound? With that in mind, this article is a resource for vacation home owners.

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How Smart Tech Makes Home Alarm Systems Better

While home alarm systems are great on their own, adding smart tech features can make them even better.

A few of the most popular smart home features on the market today include smart locks, smart lights (indoor & out), smart video cameras, smart thermostats, and HD video doorbells.

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Is Williamsburg, Virginia a Safe Place to Live?

Williamsburg, Virginia is one of the safest cities in Virginia, and it’s safer than almost 80% of cities in the U.S. In terms of the Tidewater region, Poquoson is probably the only city in the area that could make a claim to being safer than Williamsburg.

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How to Tell if It's Time to Install an Alarm System?

We could say, everyone in America should get a home security system, no matter who you are and where you live, and we firmly believe we’d be right. But, we also know that in reality, it’s usually some catalyst event or life change that causes people to buy an alarm system.

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Does Honeywell Really Make the Best Alarm Systems?

Determining who makes the best home security equipment is always going to come down to a matter of opinion; however, there are quite a few reasons we think Honeywell makes some of the best alarm systems in the industry.

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